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Strandtent voor op strand

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Beach tent or wind tent for the beach

With this beach tent or wind tent you will always be sheltered from the wind on the beach. In addition to creating a beautiful shade, this beach tent is also a good wind tent at beaches with lots of wind. Then it is nice to have a sheltered spot where you can keep your things out of the sun and wind. The beach tent is very easy to set up and is delivered with a handy carrying bag to your home. Order him right on



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Beach shelter Beach tent

  • Take this tent to the beach, swimming pool or to the park and protect yourself from the sun and wind
  • This tent offers you a shady spot
  • This beach club, beach shelter is easy to set up
  • Dimensions stretched: 218 x 115 x 115 cm
  • Comes with a handy carrying bag
  • Weight: approx. 900 grams
  • You will receive one of the colors shown, you can not specify a color preference
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