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3D Printerpen

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Buy a 3d pen to draw

With a 3d printer pen you make the most beautiful drawings. Let your child experience how great a 3D pen can bring a work of art to life. How nice will it be if a fire truck jumps out of the paper and enters the room completely three-dimensionally? Buying a 3d pen for your child or perhaps for yourself is a true experience. Make the drawing of a dog, cat or car tangible and bring it to life with this quality 3D printer pen.

With your order you will receive a battery charger, manual, 3 free filaments and 4 free stencils.

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Besides the fact that drawing with a 3-D pen is a great way to promote creativity and playfulness, a 3-D pen is also good for motor skills. It leads to better handwriting, a more precise control of their limbs and a firmer hand. After all, a pen remains a pen.

Children (and adults) can think of the best things. Do you need more conviction? The 3-D pen can even be used to make working objects. There is already a working plane made with a 3-D pen. If they can, you and your children can do it too! So be creative, and create some great things together. Your imagination is waiting for you.

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